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Curriculum and Other Awards 27/01/2017:-

Pre Prep: Hawks – Alexander Harrison for excellent effort and participation during literacy. Kestrels – James Figg for showing friendship towards our new class member. Owls – Lucy Weir for enthusiasm in Maths. Kites – Tilly Joseph-Kevan for fantastic History work. Robins – Sienna Neale for great independence and initiative in all her phonic activities. […]

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Curriculum and Other Awards 20/01/2017:-

Pre Prep: Hawks –Dominic Morley for improved effort and concentration during literacy. Kestrels – Emily Paumelle for great progress in spelling and maths. Owls – Tabitha Lewis-Stay for excellent self-belief and progress in her reading. Kites – Harry Gibbs for making a huge effort to improve his presentation, handwriting and colouring. Robins – Channan Cooper […]

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Curriculum and Other Awards 13/01/2017 :-

Pre Prep: Hawks – Jyran Aujla for always setting an excellent example of The Holme Grange Way. Kestrels – Peter James for improved effort in handwriting and the presentation of his work. Owls – Harriet Mahony for enthusiastically writing 5 pages of holiday news. Kites – Carla Brown for contributing well to class discussions. Robins […]

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