Curriculum and Other Awards 16/06/17

Pre Prep:

Hawks – Yeonwoo Joe for creating a fantastic collage picture of The Great Fire of London

Kestrels – Manish Martin for wonderful imagination for his Great Fire of London diary entry

Owls – William Walton for initiative and creativity in his video of Shakespeare Homework

Kites –Olivia Maund for an excellent water colour fairy

Robins – Elisabeth Mahele for always persevering during challenging activities

Finches – Sam Fenson for his courage and self belief

Prep School:

Year 3 – Zac Sims for a superb presentation delivered with confidence and clarity.

Year 4 – Amy Bacon for being honest and taking responsibility

Year 5 – Joshua Harris-Hankinson for continued effort and a positive attitude

Year 6 – Freddie Morgan for being a kind and considerate friend

Reading Awards:

Bronze Award:-

Leila Bowden

Beau Plumpton

Daniel Goodey

Silver Award:-

Richard Deeks

Pen Licence:

Effie Hurst

100 second challenge:

Circle Series 2:-

Jonty Grey



Congratulations to:

Isabella Williams awarded a medal and her yellow belt in Judo

Finn Bayliss, Leila Zamani, Thomas Potter who have all received their Level 1 Certificate of Fencing Achievement

Sam Fenson and Reuben Bhatti awarded a trophy for U6 Soccer School from Pinewood FC

Sam Ingham awarded rosettes from Wokingham Branch of the Pony Club for Clear Round, Double Clear and Special

Jessica Ingham awarded rosettes from Wokingham Branch of the Pony Club for Clear Round, 4th place and Special

Natasha Iyer for successfully completing Level 5 at Bracknell Ice Skating Club

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